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Lung Pien Vacuum Industry Co., Ltd. is established in 1991
and focuses on vacuum coating technology development for years.
It has been the most professional optical vacuum coater manufacturer in Taiwan. Lung Pien specializes in the production of optical vacuum coaters for metal coating, sunglass coating, plastic and glass coating.

Especially, we designed optical vacuum coaters(for IR or AR coating) for optical markets, which is the most popular today. Our products is suitable for lens, head-lights, decorations, digital camera lens, lens and covers for mobile phones, and even pick-up heads of DVD players. 

Due to rising awareness and concern for human health and the development, Lung Pien continues to invest in developing vacuum coating equipment for surface finishing industry. Our superior quality coater is high competitive to similar products from Japan and Germany. As a result, we haves significant sales of 1,700 sets of vacuum coaters to customers worldwide(Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Iran, Egypt and China).Also, we can offer the best service for our customers and be an reliable manufacturer.

We offer customers turn-key system solutions and technical support service,
including customized equipment design, production layout planning, on-site training, and technical consultation for manufacturing process. Addition to the vacuum coaters, we are also an agent of European, American and Japanese who are producing components and instruments related to vacuum coaters, such as coating material, e-beam gun, Ion source, vacuum pumps, pump oil, and Olympus Reflectometers…etc.

Lung Pien vows to be an exceptional suppliers who puts emphasis on the products with good quality and services. Not only fulfilling our customers, also making a big step on the vacuum industry in Taiwan.


ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification

We are a professional manufacturer of automatic optical coating equipment, Who works in the coating industry with the spirits of professionality, innovation and leadership. Always fulfilling the markets' requirement wuth a spirit of "quality first,".

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Company name



No.2 Datong Road, Wuchi District, Taichung City (Taichung Port Technology Industrial Park) 

Phone Number

TEL :( representatives) 886-4-26595018

FAX :( representatives) 886-4-26595011 ~ 2


year 1991


NT $ 300 million $ 60 million


Chi-Hsiang Yang


◎ high vacuum coating machine manufacturing, research and development, sales and maintenance 
◎ sales in Europe, America, Japan and all well-known vacuum components, coating materials, electron guns, ion guns, vacuum pumps, vacuum pump oil, other vacuum parts and materials.
Sales ◎ Japan OLYMPUS optical inspection equipment such as an interferometer, mirror reflectivity measurement unit, a lens eccentricity measuring apparatus and environmental protection and the like .. lens swab.

Factory area

About 10,000 square meters


About 50

Quality certification

ISO-9001: 2000



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