One - Operating system:

  • It is easy to understand by graphical interface with touch screen operation system. Chinese/English languages are available.
  • Complete system protection: Alarming when there’re some issues of water, electricity, gas etc... It can reduce the company’s losses and improve the production performance by the alarm.
  • The vacuum gauge value displays on the touch panel. The pressure unit can be adjusted to Torr, Pa, or mBar.
  • Crucible positioning system allows the crucible forward/reverse automatically, which means it can be time-saving when adding materials.
  • With diversified parameter setting and passcode locked system, it can prevent the improper changes on the data.
  • Immediate support while the machine break down.
  • Complete maintenance schedule recording: Recording the period of parts’ consuming can raise the efficacy of the components.  

II - Surveillance System:

  • Windows operating system and Traditional Chinese interface.
  • Single executable file to improve operation, including the establishment of archives, analysis, monitoring, measurement.
  • With foolproof and indicator function, data accuracy can be improved.
  • With the same file format as TFCalc analytical system, data will be easy to be created and convert to production process.
  • Flexible hardware configurations for debug, interchange and shut down of hardware configurations.
  • Multi-window display: Independently zoom-in/out or close.
  • Over-coating function.
  • After analysis, it’s more convenience for wavelength monitoring.
  • Recording each coating layer information, including a broadband spectrum, monitoring wavelength changes, the physical thickness, the vapor rate, oxygen flow, vacuum changes, diversification of ION source(Vd, Id ...) makes the problems can be easy to be found and solved.
  • More flexible monitoring process that can be interrupted, suspends, omit or abandon at any time.
  • Melting materials by scanning.
  • When monitoring, it takes effect immediately if any changes on parameter, so it will be easy to adjust the process.
  • Online measurement: Measuring standard can be changed in any condition.
  • Auto-filling layer function: Great improve for the incomplete film.
  • Steady evaporation speed adjustment, quartz life detection, and crystals automatically switch can increase the yield rate.
  • Unusual condition inspection: If anything unusual, the system will alarm then close the shutter and E-gun immediately to reduce the loss.

The optical monitor screen


Quartz monitor screen


Time monitoring screen

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