Lung Pien August 30 the ex-dividend

Lung Pien vacuum (5267) resolution per share cash dividend 4.5 yuan, set the ex-dividend trading day was August 30, the final transfer day August 31, between September 1 ~ September 5 to stop the transfer date, ex-dividend date basis to September 5, the cash dividend paid on September 25
Subject: resolution of the Board of the company with a 2012-year cash dividend ex-dividend date basis laid.

spokesman: Chi-Hsiang Yang


  1. Board of directors, the shareholder resolution or company decided Date: 2012/07/31
  2. Ex-dividend, interest categories (please fill in the "ex-dividend", "ex-dividend" or "ex-dividend income"): ex-dividend
  3. Type and amount of dividends: Cash dividends per share of 4.5 yuan assignment, total cash dividend of NT $ 114,750,000 yuan.
  4. Ex-dividend (interest) trading day: 2012/08/30
  5. The last transfer date: 2012/08/31
  6. Stop transfer Start Date: 2012/09/01
  7. Stop the transfer deadline: 2012/09/05
  8. Ex-dividend (interest) reference date: 2012/09/05
  9. Other matters shall state: 2012/09/25 cash dividend payment date

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