101 annual cash dividend announcement

  1. The company 2012, June 20 shareholders' meeting annual earnings by 100 dispatch case.
  2. The common shares of the total cash dividend of NT $ 114,750,000 yuan terms, the allotment of NT 4.5 yuan per share, according to allot shareholder base date of shareholder rights were thin record of the proportion of shares held by its assignment, the total cash dividend each shareholder dispatch Until yuan, excluding yuan.
  3. The Republic of China is hereby laid 2012, September 5 cash dividend ex-dividend date basis, and 2012 since September 25 appointed by the Company Stock Transfer Agent to transfer or mail the check on behalf of issuance.
  4. In accordance with Article 165 of the Company Law of the Republic ended 2012 from September 1 until September 5 2012, to stop transfer of shares. Holders of shares of the Company for the transfer were not yet advised on 2012,August 31 (Friday) 16:00 16:30 before (mailed to those who apply for transfer letter postmarked date as proof), your visit to Taipei Songshan District 105 Minsheng East Road Sec 544 F, South China Yongchang International Securities stock transfer agency Department (Tel: 02-2718-6425) for transfer procedures, to participate in Taiwan Depository clearing Company Limited for the transfer were concentrated by Taiwan Depository clearing Company Limited uniform procedures for transfer.
  5. It is hereby announced.

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