Lens reflectance measuring machine

Lens reflectance measuring machine (USPM-RU III)

USPM-RU III reflectometer can accurately measure current can not be measured micro spectrometer, the spectral reflectance of the reflection thin samples, not the back of the sample light interference. It is the most suitable for measuring the surface reflectance, film evaluation, minute parts of the reflectivity measurement system.



USPM-RUⅢ is developed on original instruments USPM-RU generation product, is a new type of lens reflectance measuring instrument. Thinner the lens rear surface is not affected by the reflected light, can achieve high-speed, high-precision spectroscopic measurement.



  1. Elimination of the back reflected light
  2. Short measurement time
  3. High strength can be measured film thickness
  4. It can measure the reflectance of the minute regions
  5. Support XY chromaticity diagram, L * a * b * measurement


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