• May be combined in a variety of electronic manufacturing tip PLASMATECH
  • Alternatively Group 1 or Group 2 of the electron gun electron gun power supply
  • In the high voltage output of the safety, security structure having a weight 2
  • Effect of loading so that abnormal discharge is reduced to a minimum means
  • With a variety of features to choose from
  1. The digital display displays visual
  2. May be transformed with the acceleration voltage for accelerating voltage conversion function film, has 3 and the acceleration voltage is set for each acceleration voltage is set to 2 groups RBI
  3. Scanning function increase more annular shaped like sample uniformity RBI 12 may be designed in a triangular waveform and the helical type waveforms may change the scanning frequency of the electron beam


Item Content
Maximum output power D-10A and D-10B :10kW
D-06A and D-06B :6kW
Accelerating voltage D-10A and D-10B :-4kV~ -10kV
D-06A and D-06B :-4kV~ -6kV
Loaded gun Single gun:D-10A and D-06A
Double gun:D-10B and D-06B
External control signal About 35
Dimensions Power:W563xH1232xD803(mm)
(Monitor is select item)
Weight D-10A and D-10B :about 290kg
D-06A and D-06B :about 260kg


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